IFL Official To Work NCAA Championship Game

IFL Official To Work NCAA Championship Game

From RB Fred Jackson to WR Anthony Armstrong to FB Jovoroski Lane, many IFL players have moved up to the next level of the the sport. However, that promotion is not just limited to players. 

IFL Official Mike Stumberg is part of the officiating crew for tonight's NCAA National Championship between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama.  

Over the last 20 seasons, Stumberg has worked his way up to the biggest game in college football. Starting as an official in the Iowa Conference from 1997-2001,  Stumberg continued to move up the officiating ranks with stints in the Missouri Conference and the Mid-American Conference before working in the Big 10 Conference for the last four seasons.   As his officiating career has grown, Stumberg has seen his role in NCAA post-season bowls include the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas (2012), the Orange Bowl (2014), the Big 10 Championship Game (2015), the Russell Athletic Bowl (2016) and now the NCAA National Championship.

Stumberg is not the only IFL official to work a major NCAA event this season however. 

IFL Official Kevin Keiser also comes from a distinguished officiating background and was a member of the officiating crew in this year's NCAA playoff game between Alabama and Clemson. A 25 year veteran official, Keiser has officiated major sporting events such as nine NCAA bowl games, the PAC 12 Championship, and the 2013 NCAA National Championship among others. 

A strong knowledge of football helped Kieser easily transition into in the indoor football. In his first season as an IFL official, Kieser was selected to work as the Back Judge in the 2017 United Bowl Championship between the Arizona Rattlers and the Sioux Falls Storm. 

Stumberg and Kieser are just two members of the IFL's strong stable of officiating talent. Headed by former NFL official Tom Falcinelli, IFL officials bring significant officiating  experience to the League and , like NFL officials, train weekly to ensure the correct call on the field. 

Going into its tenth season in 2018, the IFL looks to provide continued growth and experience for all league players, members and staff.