IFL Players Predict NFL Draft

IFL Players Predict NFL Draft

In honor of tonight's NFL draft, several IFL players weighed in on how they think the Top 5 selections will pan out.

There is much uncertainty among IFL players on who will be selected in the top five of tonight's NFL Draft. Of the five slots only two feature a unanimous decision: which is the Cleveland Browns selecting DL Myles Garrett and the Jacksonville Jaguars selecting RB Leonard Fournette. 

Do you agree with their predictions? How do you see tonight's draft shaking out?

Bryan Pray - WR -  Spokane Empire

 1. Browns: Myles Garrett - DL

2. 49ers: Jamal Adams - S

3. Bears: Marshon Lattimore - DB

4. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette - RB

5. Titans: Solomon Thomas - DL

"Im a closet Cowboy fan, I've been reading the boards and agree that we need a defensive back after losing them in free agency. I'd love one of the Ohio State kids but they'll be gone so the board has us looking at Quincy Wilson from Florida."

Brion Carnes - QB -  Cedar Rapids Titans 

1.Browns: Myles Garnett - DL

2.49ers: Jamal Adams - S

3.Bears: Marshon Lattimore - CB

4.Jaguars: Leonard Fournette - RB

5.Titans: Solomon Thomas - DL

My favorite : 19 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Dalvin Cook - RB

Marquel Willis - WR - Green Bay Blizzard

1. Browns: Myles Garret - LB

2. 49ers: Jonathan Allen - DT

3. Bears: Jamal Adams - S

4. Jags: Leonard Fortunette - RB

5. Titans: Solomon Thomas - DE

My favorite 8 Panthers: Dalvin Cook - RB

Trevor Kennedy - RB - Spokane Empire

1. Browns:Myles Garrett - DL

2.49ers:Solomon Thomas - DL

3.Bears:Malik Hooker - S

4.Jaguars:Leonard Fournette - RB

5.Browns (Trade with Titans): Mitchell Trubisky - QB

"My favorite team is the Browns and I think they trade into number 5 to get Mitchell (Trubisky) to be their QB of the future"

Rockne Belmonte - Wichita Falls Nighthawks

"I think Deshawn Watson (QB, Clemson) goes first overall. Outside of that I have no idea. My favorite team is the Lions. I hope they get some offensive line and defensive secondary help."

J.D Griggs - DL -  Spokane Empire 

"My favorite team is the Patriots and I think they will either draft Jabril Peppers or Christian McCaffrey."