IFL & Project Fanchise Launch Virtual Front Office

IFL & Project Fanchise Launch Virtual Front Office

 SANTA MONICA, CA (February 2, 2017)Project FANchise, the sports and entertainment mobile technology leader and majority owner of both the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles and Colorado Crush of the Indoor Football League (IFL), announced the launch of their Virtual Front Office (VFO) (http://vfo.fanchi.se/) platform today in partnership with all of the teams in the IFL. 

The newest Project FANchise product will provide sports most passionate fans with a truly interactive and immersive experience, giving fans unprecedented access to front office decision making.

The IFL VFO will make it possible for fans to have unprecedented direct access to their favorite teams through a unique opportunity to connect with the team's coaching and front office staff. Additionally, the IFL VFO will enable fans to engage with the brightest sports minds through exclusive online forums, and speak bi-weekly to top-level sports executives from the league and the broader professional sports world.

Each team in the IFL will have their own VFO experience, customized for their fans and their franchise to provide different levels of access for their fan base. Fans who activate the premium VFO membership can choose from becoming a Virtual GM, Virtual Coach or Virtual Scout for a base cost of $9.99 per month.

"As owner of the first fully fan run professional sports team, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, we have seen an overwhelming desire from fans from all 50 states and more than 20 countries to have behind-the-scenes access to their favorite team" said Sohrob Farudi, Project FANchise founder & CEO.  "People want more than overproduced, watered down documentaries. The Virtual Front Office gives fans an opportunity for real-life participation in a wide variety of roles within a professional sports organization. This isn't just lip service, this is 24/7 access to the team and staff."

As a Virtual GM, fans will have premium access to the team's front office executives, receive confidential insights to all major team decisions and interact with the league's network of top professional sports executives, coaches, and players.  The Virtual Coaches group will have access to the team's film room, work with the team's coaching staff on designing plays and building the team's playbook, and advance scouting and developing weekly game plans. Virtual Scouts will work with execs across all levels of the recruiting process from college to the pros, learn tips and tricks to identifying and recruiting diamonds in the rough, get trained by pro scouts in the art of player evaluation, and have a key voice in setting the teams game day roster. 

In addition, all VFO premium subscribers will be able to participate in bi-weekly video conference calls with front office executives and industry leaders from the IFL, NFL, top tier media outlets and many more professional sports organizations.

"This is the next step in the evolution of how our fans will consume the IFL product," stated Michael Allshouse, Indoor Football League Commissioner. "The level of access and interaction that fans will have to their favorite teams is unprecedented in the professional sports industry. We are very excited about this initiative and the prospects for further fan engagement in the future."

The Virtual Front Office is a revolutionary new way fans can fully immerse themselves in their favorite teams and will change the way professional sports teams, leagues and sponsors engage with sports fans. with social media serving as a direct line gaining insights from the consumer and bridging the gap between traditional sports, fantasy sports, and e-sports. 

The 2017 IFL season begins on Thursday, February 16th as the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles host the Nebraska Danger. All 80-regular season IFL games plus all three postseason matchups will be streamed for free on YouTube, the world's largest video platform. For a complete listing of all IFL games, visit GOIFL.com or follow on social media; Facebook, Twitter (@IndoorFtballLge) or Instagram (@GOIFL).

For more information on the Virtual Front Office visit http://vfo.fanchi.se/ or follow Project FANchise on social media; Facebook, Twitter (@FANchise) or Instagram (@ProjectFANchise)