IFL Players Weigh In On Olympics

IFL Players Weigh In On Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing. Several IFL stars gave their opinion on a variety of Olympic topics ranging from favorite sport to Michael Phelps continued success in swimming.

IFL Stars weighed on the following topics:
1) Favorite Olympic Event?

2) What Olympic event did you grow up wanting to do?

3) What event do you think you stand the best chance of medaling in?

4) What is the one event you cannot stop watching?

5) What are your thoughts on Michael Phelps and his 22 (as of press time) career gold medals?

Bryan Pray (WR, Iowa Barnstormers)

1) My favorite event in the Olympics is the 200-meter sprint. It's an all out sprint and it shows who can get to and hold their top end speed the longest. My favorite memory is Michael Johnson winning that race in 96 with his gold shoes on and breaking the world record.

2) Growing up, I wanted to do the 100 meters dash. The guys I watched like Maurice Greene and Donovan Bailey had the type of attitude you needed to run that race and it made it fun watching because of that. You were typically thought of as being the fastest in your city if you won that race. The fastest time I've ran was a 10.48 in the 100 meters back in high school. 

3) I feel I could have had the best chance to medal in if I stuck with track. 

4) The one unusual sport that I can't stop watching is Badminton. It's very interesting to watch. The more and more I watch, the more intrigued I am with that sport. 

5) Michael Phelps is the GOAT (greatest of all time) period. His focus his determination and his overall dominance of his sport amazes me. Every athlete should look up to someone like that, he's the Babe Ruth or Jerry Rice or even Michael Jordan of swimming. My point by naming them is he's a true great!

Trevor Kennedy (RB, Spokane Empire)

1) My favorite event is swimming. I enjoy watching Michael Phelps achieve something that may never happen again. Most likely not in my lifetime. Getting to experience that type of greatness being reached is inspiring to say the least.

2) Growing up, I wanted to be in the Olympics as a gymnast. The only problem with that is I get dizzy fairly easy, also I'm afraid of heights.

3) I think I stand the best chance of medaling in track or basketball. Track because I believe I could train to get elite speed and basketball, because it's a team sport and I'm a decent basketball player.

4) Honestly, it happens to be beach volleyball. I've been following Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Walsh since I was young and the way they have dominated compels me to always tune in.

5) Micheal Phelps and what he is doing can be described in two words, simply amazing. Someone who was on top of the world and had to face some difficult and dark times and to return not only as competitor but still as one of the best is simply amazing.

Lorenzo Brown (QB, Sioux Falls Storm)

1) I'd probably have to say the swimming events and gymnastics are my favorite events to watch. It's just crazy how good these athletes are and to watch the amazing things they can all do.

2) I wanted to do an event in track and field just to see what it would be like in the starting blocks with that many people holding their breath for the gun to go off . But I got my fix in high school with that. Not that big of a stage but still the excitement and rush from being in the blocks waiting for the gun.

3) I would have to say is rugby because it's similar to the sport I play already. But those are some big, fast, and crazy men out there so my chance of even making the team is slim to none.

4) I found myself watching the river kayak event . It looked extremely hard and it was cool to see those guys whipped around the stream going through zones twisting and turning themselves around like they were. I bet it takes a lot of strength and skill to do something like that.

5) What can you say about Michael Phelps that hasn't been said;he is clearly the best. All his hard work and sacrifice is paying off. I mean people dream about getting that one Olympic medal let alone gold and he has 22 golds himself, it's unbelievable to think about all his career achievements. If he is not already, he will go down as the best Olympian ever.

Dylan Favre(QB, Cedar Rapids Titans)

1) My favorite event is probably the 100m track and field race. I am glad they put golf back in though.

2) Growing up I wanted to be on the USA Mens Basketball Team (obviously it didn't pan out)

3) I think I'd probably stand the best chance in medaling in the high Dive. I'm pretty nasty off the diving board.

4) I've caught myself interested in events this year I've never thought twice about watching. They're all unique and extremely competitive. 

5) Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic Athlete of all time. No question.

Rockne Belmonte (K, Wichita Falls Nighthawks)

 1) My favorite event to watch is women's gymnastics. I feel they are the most personable and entertaining flying through the air.

2) I always wanted to do the kayaking events.

3) I stand the best chance medaling in rugby/soccer. I'm pretty good at scoring with my feet.

4) I can't stop watching table tennis. Also might have a shot medaling in that as well. Growing up my family was brutal with table tennis.

5) I think it is amazing watching him win more medals than most countries have ever.

Marquel Willis (WR, Green Bay Blizzard)

1) I like watching all the gymnastic events because it's something I was never able to do. So it's fun watching how athletic and strong some of those athletes are.

2) Growing up I always wanted to be a part of the US basketball team

3) I would have the best chance to medal with the Basketball team, might be the only sport I'd be somewhat competitive in.

5) It's insane watching him dominate every time he touches the water. He's one of the best and most competitive athletes the entire world has ever seen!

 Donovan Porterie (QB, Iowa Barnstormers)

1. I have loved the 200 meter track event ever since Michael Johnson ran in those gold spikes.

2) Growing up I was a big basketball player so of course the I would love to play Olympic basketball!

3) My best chance of medaling would be in basketball.

4) The unusual sport would definitely be swimming, Growing up by water, swimming in the ocean (Gulf of Mexico) and lakes was a must. The way some of these swimmer swim is crazy because they are really graceful and technical like a fish would be.

5) Honestly, Michael Phelps is the man. He faced some adversity, took his punishments but it never stopped him from being Michael Phelps. Athletes can learn a lot from this guy in general.

Brandon Johnson-Farrell (WR/RB, Sioux Falls Storm)

1. Track, any sprint event, mostly because of the excitement. Watching the fastest people in the world run against each is just amazing to watch.

2. 400m relay 

3. 100m dash

4.Synchronized diving 

5. He's the greatest of all time. I admire his killer instinct when it comes to competing.