Screaming Eagles Reveal Logo

Screaming Eagles Reveal Logo

SALT LAKE, UT - After dozens of fan submissions, hundreds of votes and two rounds of voting, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles have unveiled the team's official logo! 

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, operated by Project Fanchise, is the world's first fan-run organization and looks to bring unparalleled access of team operation to fans' fingertips. Fans will be able to engage in team  decisions such as interviewing and hiring the General Manager and coaching staff, designing the logo, mascot jersey and merchandise, analyzing game film and offering input on scouting reports and more.

The team is now working on apparel, gear and other collateral in preparation for kickoff in 2017.


World's first fan-run professional sports franchise, with a pro football team debuting in the 2017 IFL season. Founded in 2015 by Sohrob Farudi, Grant Cohen and Ray Austin, Project FANchise gives fans who are used to screaming from the stands an unprecedented voice by allowing them to control every part of the FANchise - from the Owner's Box to the huddle.

Fans will use proprietary technology to make real-time, crowdsourced decisions that directly impact the team including designing and picking the logo, mascot uniforms, and merchandise, choosing the coaching staff and deciding which players make the team, and even calling the plays in real-time. The industry changing property has prompted leaders in the sports marketing world such as Andy Dolich, Manish Jha and Dan Mannix to sign on as active advisors. Project FANchise is headquartered in Santa Monica; learn more about making your fan dreams a reality at