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Jake Killeen Signs with the Indianapolis Colts

Kennewick, WA: Jake Killeenkilleenjake’s football career has taken a lot of twist and turns and made stops all across the country. All the sacrifices he has made were done with one goal in mind. He, like most every player, has dreamed about playing in the NFL. While most never get that chance, Killeen is now one of the select few who gets to realize his dream.

Killeen, who has played with the Tri-Cities Fever for the past two seasons, signed with the Indianapolis Colts last week, after he impressed the coaches and the general manager at a private workout.

“It’s amazing,” Killeen said. “I’m ecstatic.”

Killeen (6-foot-3, 265 pounds) earned a spot on the Colts 90-man roster for the 2013 season, and will report to rookie camp in May.

“We are all really excited for Jake,” said Fever owner and general manager Teri Carr. “He is the guy that plays through sickness and pain without anyone knowing.  He always works that hard.  He deserves this opportunity.”

Killeen, who has spent three seasons in the Indoor Football League, got a call the day after Christmas inviting him to a workout.

Killeen, 26, arrived in Indianapolis last Monday, hoping this could be his big break. After going through a series of strength and conditioning exercises, Killeen felt pretty good about his performance. Killeen spoke with Colts coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson.

He listened to them say how impressed they were with his workout. He had the size, the look, the motor that they were looking for. He was just waiting for the ‘but.’

“They told they really liked what they saw,” Killeen said. “But they told me that they only had limited roster spots, and they would need to take some time to make a decision.”

That decision lasted about as long as it took for Killeen to shower, get dressed, and walk out of the locker room.

“When I walked out, they pulled me into a room and offered me a contract,” Killeen said. “I started looking for a pen.”

Killeen will report to camp in May and then will return in July trying to earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

“This is a great opportunity for Jake,” said Fever coach Adam Shackleford. “This is what you want for your players; a chance to move on to the next level.”

In 2012, Killeen played in 15 games for the Fever, leading the team with 10.5 sacks, forcing three fumbles to go with one interception. In 2011, Killeen, had three sacks and one interception in eight games.

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