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Sioux Falls Player Compensation Violation Clarification

IFLRichmond, VA - The IFL League Office received an allegation from one of the League’s teams on June 1st that the Sioux Falls Storm had violated one of the League’s player compensation rules by providing vehicles to players for personal use.  As with all allegations involving team misconduct, the League made every effort to investigate the allegation thoroughly and expeditiously.

The League’s Director of Football Operations, Mike Allshouse, immediately began an investigation that included interviews with members of the team making the allegation, members of the Sioux Falls staff, and past and present players of the team.  Allshouse also had several phone calls and email correspondences with the attorney for Sioux Falls that included the exchange of notes and documents.

Allshouse concluded his investigation on June 11th and presented the information he had collected to the League’s Executive Committee for their review and determination as to whether the evidence warranted further action.  The Executive Committee concluded their review of the information on June 14th and found there was sufficient reason to set a hearing.  A hearing date was set for June 19th and the attorneys for Sioux Falls advised they had a scheduling conflict and asked that the hearing be moved to June 22nd.

It should be very clear to everyone that the accusation that the League “purposely delayed the decision so it would take effect in the playoffs” is totally unfounded.  It also should be understood that the allegation and the ultimate violation of which Sioux Falls was found in violation has nothing to do with using a vehicle for transporting players to charity events.  It does, however, involve allowing players to use vehicles (that are claimed to be solely for the purpose of transporting players to charity events) for their own personal use.

The League Office does not normally release detailed information regarding internal matters, however due to the misleading information that is being distributed, a clarification is in order.

The League values the Sioux Falls Storm and recognizes the contributions they have made to the IFL.  The League Office wishes the best for the Storm and the other participating teams throughout the playoffs.

Robert Loving

IFL Interim Commissioner

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